Online side hustles have proven to be a great way to earn extra Income while staying home or using outside of your 9-5 jobs.

If you’ve been on the sideline looking for an opportunity to get into making money from home, tap into these AI-powered side huddles.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) has been one of the most talked-about topics of the year. That’s because AI offers so many lucrative opportunities using readily-available powerful tools.

In this post, I’ll introduce you to the 10 AI side hustles to start in 2013 and boost your Online Income .

1. Content Writing

ChatGPT has truly transformed content writing in recent months. It’s a language model developed by OpenAI. It uses the machine learning algorithm to generate responses, inputs, and tips on various topics.

It’s a powerful tool that can write content on almost any subject in a matter of seconds.

Whether you are looking to be a writer online as in blogger or ghostwriter, ChatGPT is a powerful tool to help craft your content.

For content writing, you can charge anywhere from $60-$600 for a piece of content on marketplaces like, Upwork, and Fiverr.

2. Video Content

AI can not only spit out content in seconds now, but it can also create videos.

One software that allows you to create AI-powered videos is InVideo.

It’s a web-based video creation platform that allows users to create videos in instant for home or business use. While the web app comes with traditional video-creating features like sound, drag-and-drop, etc, there are better parts than that.

The best part of this app is it is supported by AI through its Intelligent Video Assistant (IVA). This is an AI-powered feature that automatically suggests edits and improvements to videos based on the content, style, and tone of the video. For example, IVA can recommend the perfect music track to match the mood of the video, suggest edits to improve the pacing or transitions, and even provide design recommendations for video elements like text overlays or animations.

If you are looking to build up a YouTube channel or become an influencer on social media channels, this video-creation AI can help you do that.

3. SEO

For content marketing, SEO is the backbone of Google rankings and organic traffic.

But if you are new to the area of online business, SEO can be confusing and overwhelming to get started. But you can automate many of those SEO tasks with this AI-powered SEO app called

This AI assistance can help you identify relevant competitive keywords and assist with SEO-optimized content.

You can do this for your own site or you can provide SEO services to those who are looking to optimize their content for more organic traffic.

4. Online Marketing

One of the most lucrative services you can offer online is online marketing services. Whether it’s social media, blog, or e-commerce, you need a way to generate content ideas that’ll engage and attract the target audience.

To automate this task, I suggest Neil Patel’s Ubersuggest. It’s a search engine optimization (SEO) tool that can help you generate content ideas for your website or blog. It works by analyzing search terms and trends to identify popular topics and keywords that are relevant to your niche.

For services like this, you can charge anywhere from $400 – 500 a month to thousands for larger clients.

5. Resume Writing

On Upwork, freelance resume writers typically charge between $25 and $65 per hour for their services.

With the help of ChatGPT, resume writing becomes an effortless and profitable side hustle.

ChatGPT can write anything from industry-specific cover letters to crafting resumes.

Simply give ChatGPT a job posting description and ask it to write you a cover letter and resume. Within seconds you’ll get a resume and cover letter tailored just for that specific posting.

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