Is happiness a matter of effort? Is it simply a choice or state of mind? These 2 free online Harvard courses will show you the secret path to happiness and how to manage it.

Building a happier life and living deeply fulfilled shouldn’t be rocket science. Yet, if you’ve been asking the big questions of what makes you happy and what is happiness, then take these courses.

These Harvard courses on happiness unlock the strategies to lead a more meaningful, purposeful life. What’s more, they look at happiness from the lenses of positive psychology, philosophy, and ethics.

Get the cutting-edge and newest research on strategies and habits that help create a life with joy, happiness, and purpose.

These classes answer your burning questions on happiness and help you practice actionable tips on creating a good life.

To take these courses for free, head over to EdX Harvard courses.

1. The Path to Happiness: What Chinese Philosophy Teaches us about the Good Life

This social study course taught by Michael Puett takes a hard look at what it means to lead a meaningful life filled with a sense of happiness.

In this modern world, much of the pursuit of happiness is about mindfulness and looking within. It’s about finding your true self and being who you really are.

By diving into ancient Chinese philosophy, this course challenges those assumptions and teaches a path to a good life.

It teaches the importance of caring for the world around you and establishing actions and rituals to step on the path toward happiness.

This course is adapted from one of the most popular Harvard courses taught by an award-winning professor.

Take this Harvard course on happiness for free here.

2. Managing Happiness

While the Path to Happiness approaches the idea of happiness from a philosophical point of view, this course is about managing it in everyday life.

It looks at diverse definitions of happiness and the functions they play in our society. The course also takes a look at how genetic and social elements as well as short-term and long-term successes can influence your happiness.

It offers practical guides on how to manage your mind, body, and psychology to create a life with greater happiness.

If you are looking to build your own happiness strategies and learn to better manage your emotions, this class is for you.

Learn to build your happiness portfolio using your own personal goals and desires.

You can take this free Harvard course on Managing Happiness here.

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